De aanslag op Ronald Reagan (1981)

In maart 2011 gaf de Amerikaanse geheime dienst een opname van de aanslag op de Amerikaanse president Ronald Reagan vrij. Deze aanslag vond plaats op 30 maart 1981.

hieronder enkele uitgeschreven fragmenten van deze opname

2:27 p.m.

00:08 Special agent William Green: “Green. Coming out.”

00:16 Ray Shaddick, assistant to the special agent in charge: “Horsepower, Shaddick.”

00:19 Shaddick: “Advise, we’ve had shots fired. Shots fired. There are some injuries, uh, lay one on.”

00:26 Shaddick: “Parr, Shaddick.”

00:32 Shaddick: “Stagecoach, Shaddick.”

00:35 Jerry Parr, special agent in charge, from the president’s car: “Rawhide is OK. Follow-up. Rawhide is OK.”

00:41 Halfback, roger.”

00:46 Shaddick (from the backup car): “You wanna go to the hospital or back to the White House?”

00:50 Parr: “We’re going right _ we’re going to Crown.”

00:52 Shaddick: “OK.”

00:58 Shaddick: “Back to the White House. Back to the White House. Rawhide is OK.”

01:18 Crown: “Halfback, Crown. We have Muratti requesting a status report on Rawhide.”

01:22 Halfback: “Tell him to stay off the air for now. Rawhide’s alright.”

01:27 Crown: “Thank you so much.”

01:32 Special agent Thomas Drew Unrue, driving the president’s car: “Gordon, Unrue.”

01:44 Special agent Mary Ann Gordon, in the backup limo trying to catch up with Stagecoach: “Go ahead. Gordon.”

01:44 Unrue: “Gordon, Unrue.”

01:46 Gordon: “Go ahead, Drew.”

01:47 Unrue: “Roger. We want to go to the emergency room of George Washington.”

01:53 Gordon: “That’s a roger.”

01:57 Unrue: “Go to George Washington fast.”

01:58 Gordon: “Roger. Sergeant Bell, Gordon.”

02:03 Shaddick: “Parr, Shaddick.”

02:06 Shaddick: “Parr, Shaddick.”

02:09: Parr: “Shaddick, Parr. George Washington.”

02:13 Shaddick: “Roger.”

02:18 Parr: “Get an ambulance, I mean get the, um, stretcher out there.”

02:24 Shaddick: “Horsepower, Shaddick. You copy, GW?”

02:27 Horsepower: “Correct. We’ve made the call.”

02:38 Halfback: “Horsepower, Horsepower.”

02:40 Parr: “Let’s hustle.”

02:43 Horsepower: “This is Horsepower. Go ahead.”

02:45 Voice (sirens): “Connecticut Avenue en route Central Cell Block”

02:59 Horsepower: “Ah, this is Horsepower. You’re terribly broken. I just caught the tail end. Say again?”

03:11 Voice: “Agent, Horsepower. Go ahead.”

03:13 Voice: (sirens): “Roger. I have suspect in custody. I’m in an MPD (Metropolitan Police Department) vehicle, heading for, taking him to (inaudible) Central Cell Block. Can I get support please?

03:26 Horsepower: “OK, let’s send some agents up there to help.”

03:45 Voice (after more chatter between the command post and Shaddick in the backup car): “Horsepower, we’re on _ en route to the location.”

03:54 Halfback: “Horsepower, Halfback. We have an arrival at GW.”

03:58 Horsepower: “Confirm, roger.”

03:59 Halfback: “Would you, uh, contact WFO or some other divisions and get additional people sent to this location?”

04:06 Horsepower: “Roger that.”

04:14 Voice: “Suspect in custody at Central Cell.”

04:22 Horsepower: “Repeat it.”

04:26 Voice (Noise and loud sirens in the background.): “Be advised I have suspect in custody in an MPD vehicle arriving at Central Cell Block. Taking him to central booking and (inaudible), copy?”

04:37 Horsepower: “Repeat it one last time, over.” Sirens and static follow.

With Reagan at the hospital and Hinckley at the police station, the chatter soon turns to Nancy Reagan coming to see her stricken husband:

06:39 Special agent George Opfer, head of Mrs. Reagan’s security detail: “Horsepower from Opfer.”

06:41 Horsepower: “Station calling Horsepower.”

06:44 Opfer: “Roger. We’re gonna leave with Rainbow and go to that location.”

06:49 Horsepower: “Station calling Horsepower, repeat please.”

06:51 Opfer: “Horsepower this is Opfer. We’re going to go to that location with Rainbow.”

06:55 Horsepower: “Roger, George.”

07:04 First lady trail car: “Crown and Horsepower, Rainbow trail. Depart Crown en route local stop.”

07:10 Horsepower: “Horsepower copy, Rainbow trail.”

07:13 Opfer: “Horsepower from Opfer.”

07:18 Opfer: “Roger, if you have any contact at this next location tell them we’re coming in the 22nd Street entrance.”

07:24 Horsepower: “Roger, 22nd Street. Break. Halfback, Halfback, Horsepower.”

07:28 Halfback: “Horsepower, Halfback.”

07:30 Horsepower: “Roger, be advised Rainbow is coming to your location at the 22nd Street entrance. Can you make sure she gets in?”

07:39 Halfback: “Roger. Burns you copy?”

07:42 First lady trail car: “Crown and Horsepower from Rainbow trail, Rainbow arrive local stop.”

07:48 Special agent Timothy Burns: “Roger.”

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